Talented Legal Staff


BEATRICE SORRELLS, Paralegal & Caseworker

Bitsy moved to Atlanta from South Carolina and received her Paralegal degree in 1997. Since then she has had many years of experience with our firm in litigation, personal injury and past experience with several other legal fields including criminal defense, domestic, landlord/tenant, insurance defense and hospital collections.
Beatrice Sorrells — paralegal in Atlanta, GA
TANESHA WILLIAMS, Legal Assistant & Case Manager
Tanesha was raised in NYC and fortunately for us moved to Atlanta in 2004. She has been with Morse and Edwards, LLC for a number of years and truly enjoys working here. She provides our clients and our staff with unmatched service and will not rest until she knows her team and our clients are satisfied.
Tanesha Williams — paralegal in Atlanta, GA
SHANIDA CAUGHMAN, Medical Records Administrator
Shanida joined the Morse and Edwards family in March of 2014 as a part time receptionist. Her five years of prior experience as a Legal Assistant in her hometown of Orlando, Florida and her willingness to go above and beyond for both our clients and members of this law firm gave her the necessary qualifications to be promoted to our full-time Medical Records Administrator. Shanida is a valued member of our Morse and Edwards team as she is dependable, organized and truly cares about what she does.
Shanida Caughman — paralegal in Atlanta, GA
Allison Kight
Allison Kight is an Atlanta native who enjoys spending her free time with family and friends. She began her career in personal injury in 2014 and joined our company in January of 2017 whose current focus is being our paralegal/demand specialist. Her ability and willingness to grasp and use new ideas that are presented to her and the understanding, care and commitment that she gives to our clients makes Allison a more than perfect fit for the firm. We rarely see Allison without a big smile and she is a greatly valued member our team.
Shanida Caughman — paralegal in Atlanta, GA
Wendea Ringer
Wendea Ringer was originally from Michigan but has been a Georgia resident for over twenty years. She is married with 3 children and was a stay at home Mom but thankfully started working here in October of 2016 after her children reached school age.
Wendea started as our receptionist but because she always exemplifies a desire to give and to do more for our clients and the staff, and because of her past experience with the District Attorneys Office as a victim's advocate and legal assistant, she has been promoted to our Legal Assistant- Intake Specialist after 5 months of service. Her love for people, customer service, advocacy and for the legal field has made Wendea a highly valued member of our practice.
Shanida Caughman — paralegal in Atlanta, GA
Marlon Gellineau
Marlon Gellineau has been with Morse and Edwards since March 2015. He moved to Atlanta from the Caribbean and received his Accounting degree in 2007. Since then he has gained over eight years of experience doing Accounting and Bookkeeping for Law Firms and Senior Living Communities. Marlon enjoys working at Morse and Edwards and takes pride in serving our clients and staff.Marlon is steady and true as an employee and is a much needed and admired part of our practice.
Shanida Caughman — paralegal in Atlanta, GA
Charlene Wilhelmsen
Charlene Wilhelmsen attended Morris Brown College in Atlanta and received her paralegal certification from The National Center for Paralegal Training in 1997. She has been working as a paralegal/legal assistant since 1997 and has vast experience in personal injury, real estate, intellectual property, general and transactional law. Charlene joined our team not long ago as a litigation paralegal and has proved to be a vital component to the mix. In her spare time she enjoys being with her two daughters, reading, crafting, and exploring Atlanta and its surrounding cities.
Shanida Caughman — paralegal in Atlanta, GA
Jason Beasley, Legal Assistant/Paralegal
Jason Beasley is a legal assistant/paralegal who graduated from Georgia State University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Jason has worked in the legal field for over ten years with a primary focus on Workers’ Compensation claims made by Employees. Jason’s expertise, loyalty and commitment to our clients and our business has been greatly appreciated since he joined our team.
Shanida Caughman — paralegal in Atlanta, GA
Ellen Edwards, Operations Administrator
Ellen Edwards is the Operations Administrator for Morse & Edwards. Her formative years were in up-state New York. She moved to Atlanta in 1985 where soon after she met and married Bob Edwards. Years later, after raising their 3 children and after working as a Real Estate Broker for many years Ellen stepped into this business with Bob. As Operations Administrator she continuously strives to update and innovate our systems so as to make it easier for our staff to efficiently and elegantly care for our clients.
Shanida Caughman — paralegal in Atlanta, GA
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